Help Lobsang say “Yes!” to more children in need!

photo of Jhamtse Gatsal kids

Photo courtesy of Meaghan Ryan.

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Your gift to the Jhamtse Gatsal Capital Campaign will give more children from backgrounds of neglect and trauma a chance to blossom into healthy, compassionate, loving, competent agents of change in the “Garden of Love and Compassion.”

lobsang_1140x450You may remember the weight of these poignant words, “I’m sorry, but I can’t take this child now,” by the Founder and Director of Jhamtse Gatsal, Ven. Lobsang Phuntsok, in the film “Tashi and the Monk.” Lobsang has repeated these words countless times to a desperate relative or community leader fully aware of the challenges in the young child’s life and that s/he may not survive until adulthood.

Jhamtse Gatsal can currently house and care for only 85 children. With children squeezed in rooms designed and needed for classrooms, the Community cannot provide a healthy, secure and loving home and good education to any more children.

Vision for the Campaign

Build additional facilities to accommodate a total of 150 children, Classes Pre-K to 12, plus staff, volunteers and visitors.

What’s required

  • Leveling more of the ridge-top site where Jhamtse Gatsal is located to make room for more buildings
  • Construction of three duplexes, each of which will house two “families” of approximately 25 children and their housemothers (amalas) in housing that meets the requirements of the Government of India
  • Construction of a campus center consisting of a dining and gathering area to accommodate 150 children and 50 adults (staff, volunteers and visitors), and a kitchen which meets high standards of efficiency and sanitation
  • Construction of housing for four staff families
  • Construction of an additional school building including science labs necessary for accreditation through Class 12



How will the Campaign work?

The campaign will be conducted in three phases, each started when funding for that phase is secure. Fundraising is expected to continue until approximately 2020, and construction will be completed over approximately eight years. Partners in the campaign are Jhamtse International, Jhamtse Switzerland, Jhamtse Australia, and Jhamtse Gatsal.

Phase 1—funding goal $1,000,000

  • Prepare construction documents
  • Level more of the ridge-top site
  • Construct earthquake resistant retaining walls
  • Build homes for 4 “families” of approximately 25 children and their housemothers

Download a copy of The Case for Support. (405KB PDF)

You can follow the campaign progress via our blog, or on the Jhamtse Gatsal Facebook.