Who We Are

A group of Jhamtse International supporters attend an event in the U.S.

Jhamtse International is a volunteer run organization, sustained by the energy and involvement of dedicated individuals. Learn how you can get involved.


Venerable Lobsang Phuntsok


President – Mark Foley
Treasurer – Jerry Zadow
Secretary – Mark Foley

Board of Directors

• Mark Foley
• Jerry Zadow
• Beezy Bentzen
• Sandy Wood
• Dr. Frank James
• Adarsh Mehta
• Ken Russell
• Jon French
• Ted Hallstrom
• Jeff Bailey
• Monika Andersson
• Dia Chigas
• Don Seckler

Board of Advisors

• Dr. Craig Ottenstein
• Ed Kelly
• Michelle Du Bois
• Lakshmi Karan
• Spence & Heather Babcock
• Kevin Kayes

To learn about the staff who run Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community, in India, visit the JGCC website.