Tashi Drolma and the Dentist

The magic of Jhamtse Gatsal, the Garden of Love and Compassion, is transforming the Tashi of “Tashi and the Monk,” into an affectionate, playful, responsive and responsible member of the Jhamtse family.

Tashi and friends bonded quickly with Dr. Frank Repanich, a dentist from Bellingham, Washington, and his dental hygienist, Carmen Witte, during the two weeks in June that they spent at Jhamtse Gatsal providing care for the children and staff. Tashi had recently lost her two front baby teeth, and alternately hid the gaping hole in her mouth, or smiled broadly.

Some of the children had never had their teeth cleaned. Some had suffered with toothaches for a long time. Dental care plans were made for everyone, teeth were cleaned, and 85 exams were performed. On the first day, 11 extractions were done.


Tashi hopes Dr. Frank and Carmen Madam will plan to visit Jhamtse Gatsal again soon!

4 thoughts on “Tashi Drolma and the Dentist

  1. Unjay

    Nice to see Tashi again, and to hear that she is doing well. I think of her often since seeing Tashi and the monk. May she continue to thrive and prosper.

  2. shirisha p

    Such a naughty but adorable child.Me and my mother couldn’t stop laughing looking at her mischiefs in the documentary.I wish her a beautiful life ahead


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