Meet Rinchen – The Captain of Our 2017 Championship Volleyball Team

Q. How long have you been at Jhamtse Gatsal?
A. I have been here from 2006. We were the first group and it has been 12 years living in Jhamtse.

Q. What do you want to tell your younger siblings at Jhamtse Gatsal?
A. I want to tell my siblings at Gatsal from my experiences that we the students of Jhamtse are the luckiest kid in this world. We have a huge family to support and guide for us. Try to learn from elders in Jhamtse, they are the most genuine and kind hearted person in the world. Don’t take things as granted, try to be grateful for Jhamtse. Make good relations with all the members of Jhamtse because the effort they do to bring a smile on one child face is unbelievable. Learn from Jhamtse, Live for Jhamtse and Love for Jhamtse. Lastly, Study hard and be kind. Never give up in your life. Try to achieve your goal to support other people. Many people achieve their goal but few people support others.

Q. What does Jhamtse Gatsal mean to you?
A. Jhamtse Gatsal is my home. It is not only a school for me where most of the time teachers go through the textbook and students learn things which is text based only, but I think of Jhamtse Gatsal is more meaningful. Students learn Arts, Music, Dance and Sports. Jhamtse Gatsal is home for the students to discover their talents and potentials. It is a home where they get care, love and guidance.

Q. How have you grown as a person at Jhamtse Gatsal? How has Jhamtse prepared you for life away from the community?
A. It’s been 12 years learning in Jhamtse and I am doing my level best in the community. Even our community is located in a very remote area but still we are connected with the outside world by volunteers, sponsors. It will be going to be a bit difficult for me to go away from the community because it will be our first time without any guidance. We discuss about the outside world with our elders in Jhamtse and it seem people outside are quiet scary. I know most of the humans are not naturally bad, they have Buddha in their heart but very few of us are able to express it. So, I am curiously looking forward to see.

Q. Tell us something about your interests, passion, hobbies and ambitions? What inspires you to have these interests?
A. The most important thing in our community is to build up a strong community. Even in a small community like Jhamtse we are so busy with our own thing like children are busy with their studies, Ama la’s are busy in taking care of us, construction department is busy in construction, kitchen is busy in preparing tasty and healthy food for all. So, in this busy situation my most interesting thing is to come together and enjoy our day and celebrations. I am interested in Human Psycology, discussing about world etc. I really enjoy discussions with Genla (gen Lobsang)about how should we overcome fears, how to achieve success and I really enjoy talking with new people, their thoughts and ideas fascinates me.

Q. What inspires you?
A. Genla is my inspiration. The power in his voice and the style of talking with others makes me inspired. I considered Genla as one of the best leaders in the world.

Q. Please share your thoughts about the next phase of your life’s journey/future.
A. I am really excited about going to the college. It will be a new world for me to experience. I want to go to Delhi University or Bangalore universities in India. We have strict education system. I want to learn politics, foreign policies and relations amongst countries. I also want to continue my learning in Physics and Math. In India, we can’t study politics and physics together because we have different science stream and humanities stream. I wish I will get a chance to study in Singapore or Finland where they can choose their subjects based on their interest of course. During my vacation, I want to teach social studies to my younger siblings of Jhamtse. It will be so nice when we will come back to our community and can help our younger sibling in their learnings.

Q. How has your grade 12 experience been so far?
A. I am working hard to get in to a good college. I know all my Jhamtse family is working so hard, so we could get in a good college. This year 2017 is my last year in Jhamtse and this is a huge responsibility of all 12th graders that we should always be like when we are in Jhamtse.

Q. Do you have some thoughts to share with the sponsors or donors of Jhamtse Gatsal?
A. There is saying ‘a blind person can’t walk without a stick’. So without the support and contribution of your kindness, we are helpless even we have the potential and talent. I want to say Thank you on the behalf of all the students of Jhamtse Gatsal. I also promise that when I grow older like Genla or you guys, I will also work for others. I will support and help for others when they need.

I pray to god, till this sky exists, the message of Jhamtse i.e. Love and Compassion will spread.

With Love,

3 thoughts on “Meet Rinchen – The Captain of Our 2017 Championship Volleyball Team

  1. Lila Levinson

    Very well expressed, Rinchen.

    I’m sure you will do well at the university and be an inspiration to the younger children when you come back to visit.

    I’m sorry I won’t see you next year when I visit but I’m sure you will be having a great time in college and learning more about the outside world. You will go far with Lobsang as your inspiration!

  2. Samuel

    Dear Rinchen
    You are a wise man indeed as you can see beyond the boundaries of social conditioning to what is the highest value in this flicker y world.
    No Money can buy the infinite love that radiated from pure heart as the heart of Lobsang Phuntsok and is sharing of his Dharma.
    Nothing can be substituted to the Dharma that you have being given that is indeed the highest gift a man can receive.
    I can see in your eyes the spark of a great man to come, to shin and enlightened humanity hearts.
    May you find peace and harmony wherever you go.
    With Metta


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