Meet Kelsang!

I am Kelsang Yudron and am from Bletting village near Bhutan border in Tawang district. I was born on 11th January, 2000. I have five members in my family including myself, younger sister, younger brother, mother and my mother’s sister. I have been living in Jhamtse Gatsal since 2007. Now, I am in 12th grade pursuing Humanities course. My favorite subjects are Political Science, History and English. After 12th grade, I want to study Law and become a lawyer.

My hobbies are reading books, writing poems and articles, acting and playing games such as Volley Ball.

I am happy to share some of my writings:
As she stepped up and sang
All the audience glanced at her
I was somewhere in the middle of the audience
I could not see the motion of her mouth
I could see how she twisted her tongue but
I could not receive her sound
This is my weakness
I hope she was glorifying some sort of sadness
Because all the audience was motionless
I could not jot down her exact feeling in my heart
So, I felt a sudden pang of loneliness in my gut
I felt what if I had a sense of hearing not an ear
What if I had sound not a mouth
But my hopes were beyond my imagination

A bottle was occupied by water still it seems empty in the eyes of mine as the fluid is not going to occupy the space anymore. I believe a sunny day predicts a good day but my own conviction betrayed me when the sun was compelling the water to leave. I wish to weep but I cannot cry because my tears are mine and tears are water.

The only flower blooming in my heart will be when I consider the clouds and water vapor as that water as the chain of circle that never ends. My recollection will never die as long as I live.

You never leave me solitary on those desert days
Instead you make me feel the beauty of a paradise
On warm and sultry days even my shadow begins to beg for shade
So, you give me shade to just refresh myself in
You never send me away in isolation
Your gifts of melodic songs are endless
So, there is a lack of object to compare you
At last, I always retain your melody.

One thought on “Meet Kelsang!

  1. Steffi

    My heart is so touched and I am so speechless. Beautiful written. Kelsang, I wish you the very best for your way for sure. I wish all of you the best. I am a writer myself, even though I write in German. Its my native languarge so I can express myself the best in there. I know about a hard life and how writing can just save your soul. I often feel sad and broken inside…but when I write..or draw..I am healing. Its such an important medium. I cryed when I read your words. You surely got me right in my heart. You are a great writer. All my best wishes for you and your future….wishes you Steffi from northern Germany


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