Jhamtse International seeks compassionate and motivated people to support us. We rely on volunteers to assist in creating and maintaining our mission.

At Jhamtse Gatsal

Jhamtse Gatsal welcomes compassionate and motivated people from all over the world to participate in their volunteer program. This experience is designed to give participants a meaningful experience through combining service and cultural immersion. To learn more about how you can volunteer at Jhamtse Gatsal in India, visit their website.

In the United States

Current volunteer opportunities with Jhamtse International include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging a screening of Tashi and the Monk
  • Holding a fundraising event or houseparty
  • Assistance with graphic design
  • Assistance with production and distribution of printed materials such as activity flyers, various mailings, and other communications
  • Assistance with social media
  • Assistance with organizing and managing special events and fundraisers
  • Assistance with public relations work
  • Assistance with maintaining communication between children at Jhamtse Gatsal and their sponsors.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer in any way!