Donate Securities

Donations of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds are an excellent way to support the work of Jhamtse International. Consult with your financial advisor or broker before making your donation.

To ensure your donation is processed and tax deduction is credited in a timely manner please follow these three steps:

1. Contact your broker or securities holding company. Inform them which securities and how many shares you will donate to Jhamtse International as a tax deductible contribution.

2. Have your financial advisor or broker contact our advisor at FK&H Group, Merrill Lynch, to confirm your transfer of securities (ticker and number shares) to Jhamtse International. 1-800-926-0552

Jhamtse International’s Merrill Lynch Account is:
Jhamtse International Inc,
In care of Jerry Zadow, Treasurer
Account Number: 82E-04025

3. Contact our treasurer, Jerry Zadow, so he will be able to anticipate the transfer.

You will be credited with the value of securities at time of transfer, and you will receive a receipt from Jhamtse International for that amount.

If you have further questions please contact us, we are happy to help.

Thank you for your support!